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Cospak Plastics Merger
Cospak Plastics Merger December 31, 2014

We are pleased to announce that on the 1st of September 2014, Cospak Plastics will be merged with Cospak Pty Ltd to form one company. Cospak Plastics will continue to manufacture for the Cospak group as it currently does, only as a division of Cospak rather than a separate company. 

The purpose of the change is to unite the two Cospak brands into one sales platform which we can use to consolidate our sales drive in the plastics market. This change will allow us to target our customers under the one unified brand, “Cospak”.  

Our goal is to:

Continue delivering innovative, high-quality products in our current markets in the most efficient manner. 

Ensuring  our customers that this merger will  not affect services negatively, but rather, will only grow stronger through this merger.